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Objectiv, Utrecht, Netherlands

We’re looking for a Data Science leader who’s passionate about driving algorithm development in a fast growing startup where data is king.

Objectiv is the decision making tool built specifically for Product Teams. We use sophisticated data tech to provide ready-to-use answers that let our customers take their products to the next level.

Objectiv Office
Objectiv Office
What it's all about
You’ll start out doing most of the below, and because we are still an early startup things are always in flux. Together we’ll figure out what your role will look like in a year from now, depending on our shared ambitions:

  1. Systematically and programmatically analyze large sets of digital user’s behavioural data, finding patterns in their successes using all the advanced methods you can think of.
  2. Find ways to scale these analyses for different-but-similar data sets, generalising filtering, model training and result processing, preferably without compromising on quality.
  3. Help define the roadmap, push for research directions, build improvements, and pick the low hanging fruit.
  4. Deeply understand the data that the product needs and work with founders to make sure it’s becomes part of both short and long-term strategy & implementation.
  5. Work closely with engineering teammates to ensure your models are implemented, executed and tested in the desired way; to improve ETL and visualisation and to repeatedly run your algorithms in production with the minimal amount of effort.
  6. Help hire more data colleagues to build a strong and resourceful team as the company grows.

Objectiv Office
What to bring
We are looking for data scientists that feel at home at the intersection between mathematics, statistics, machine learning, business and computer science. You understand the math behind the solutions that you choose and you know how to apply them to actual problems. You are a self-driven person who’s capable of tackling very loosely defined problems, but you can also work towards a well defined goal.

This role is a senior position with a pivotal role in our team, therefore at least 3 to 5 years of relevant professional experience is required. If you have done something outstanding during your studies, like contributing to open source projects or starting your own company, we encourage you to apply as well.

Objectiv Office
You have proof that you can / have / are:
  • A degree in science, computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline.
  • Experience in how to make things fluid under pressure and you keep your eye on the ball. The occasional deadline gives you superpowers.
  • Clearly and effectively communicate the results of complex analyses. You don’t mind presenting your work.
  • Work meticulously. Once you’re done there are two rules: Rule one: The data is right. Rule two: see rule one.

Objectiv Office
Bonus points for...
  • Software engineering practices.
  • Hadoop / Hive / Spark / MapReduce.
  • Working with Linux, including writing Bash scripts.

You have no fear of...
  • Analyses in Python + Pandas, but possibly also in R, Stata or Matlab.
  • Writing queries, relational but also BigQuery, Athena.
  • Working with Google Analytics / Mixpanel or similar data sets.

What we offer
No catered lunch, no barista, no fitness pass, but the opportunity of a lifetime to join a fast growing startup with experienced founders that have multiple data exits under their belt. We’re backed by a team of the most influential angel investors in The Netherlands. 

You’ll be there early; you can help shape the company in its core.

We offer competitive compensation plus a highly attractive stock-option plan. But most of all, the possibility to make true impact with your data & personal skills for the long run as well as the chance to rebuild your role every year as the company grows. 

Come work on the coolest data solution, grow & learn. And come take the guesswork out of product decisions with us! 
Objectiv Office
“I started as a Designer at Objectiv last January. Before that, I did 9 years of freelance design work. I've worked with quite a few talented people during that period, but this team is in a league of its own. Everyone is super involved and it continues to impress me to see how fast complex problems are solved. Beyond that, they are just good, honest people. It’s the single biggest reason I decided to exchange my comfortable freelance life with my current role and haven’t regretted it for a day.”
Bob Jansen
Designer @ Objectiv
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